The only oranges with guaranteed juiciness

selected one by one

The only oranges with guaranteed juiciness

selected one by one


With the goal of offering innovative and differentiating solutions that are based on a real need of the consumer, we developed a project to create a patented method to ensure that

I Succosi oranges are always selected, without destroying the fruit, based on the high percentage of juice they contain to offer guaranteed juiciness.

After years of study, testing and in-depth analysis, the first product line of the Gioia brand was born.


30 professionals

3 different university departments

6 years of research and experimentation

Over 50,000 oranges tested

different university departments
of research and experimentation
0 years
oranges tested
over 0

The Science Base

Thanks to the study conducted in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, we have developed a demonstrable and irrefutable method aimed at ensuring that the oranges I Succosi always have a high juice content, according to uniform and guaranteed standards.

The Patent

Research developed in collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University allows us to select Oranges individually, based on scientific and objective parameters to determine their juiciness.

The scientific basis supporting our method enabled us to obtain a patent.

A unique guarantee for the consumer: only the juiciest oranges, after the entire selective cycle, will have the Guaranteed Juiciness cachet.


Oranges with Guaranteed Juiciness

This long process of scientifically based research and selection led to the creation of the innovative product line I Succosi:

I Succosi revolutionizes the citrus department by offering a new category of high-value oranges, distinguished by their juiciness, regardless of variety or product origin;

I Succosi ensures consistent quality and product uniformity in every single fruit, throughout the year;

I Succosi have stable prices throughout the year, benefiting both the producer and the end consumer.

The packaging

Attractive and distinctive. Strong connotation of surplus value in terms of product utilization.

Made using 30 percent less plastic than traditional citrus packaging found in retail stores.

The paper used to make the band can be easily separated from the screen for less impactful and more responsible waste disposal.

Innovation in the department

Segmentation of the orange category, thanks to a distinctive product with a specific functional connotation, which increases consumption and thus the profitability of the fruit and vegetable department.

Enhancement of the department with a fruit-by-fruit selected product with consistent quality that builds consumer loyalty.

Constant marginality* due to stable prices throughout the year, regardless of variety and origin.

* Barring market fluctuations due to force majeure.


We respect the natural cycles of the seasons, choosing the best and juiciest varieties from around the world at all times of the year. We help with planting citrus trees in some developing countries to increase the livelihood of rural people and promote environmental sustainability.

We use electricity from only renewable sources in our production plant.

We use packaging with reduced amount of plastic inside them.

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