Grapefruit is a member of the citrus family. Its origin is uncertain, but it is probably a hybrid between orange and pomelo.

Compared to other citrus fruits, it has a sour flavor with a bitter note. Also because of this characteristic, grapefruit is considered a suitable fruit for those who want a low-sugar diet.



This variety of grapefruit has pink or red flesh depending on the ripening period, belonging to the Rutaceae family genus Citrus. It is a cultivar obtained in Texas in the 1970s and immediately spread to southern Italy since the 1980s.

The fruit is globular in shape, medium to large in size, with a thin yellow skin and bright red hues, rich in essential oils and with reduced albedo compared to the white-colored variety.



The white marsh grapefruit, has a medium-thick light yellow almost white skin and is very fragrant.

The white/yellow flesh is juicy and seedless.


Cultivation method

: Produced by conventional agriculture, complying with current Italian legislation on pesticides and good agricultural cultivation practices.

For fruits imported from countries other than Italy, the current EU harmonization rules on permitted pesticide residues are applied.